This blog is 10 years old!

A decade. That’s a lot. 64 posts were written since then, including this one. When I started this blog the 18th of april 2010 it was mainly an additional communication tool towards my work and students. Small, technical, C#-related articles that could help the students while following my programming courses. The first article, which included a buzzfeed-like title,described 5 new things I discovered in the Office 2010. How things have changed.

Over the years the scope of this blog became wider and sometimes deeper. I started using it to describe technical solutions I created, again mainly focused on C#/.NET and slowly but surely I pivoted to it being a sort external memory for all the tangential projects I tend to jump unto both at work or in my spare time.

There was a lull in posts between 2014 and 2017, but since then I found renewed energy (and got more independent kids) and started posting more, this time the blog became more focused on non-technical things I did outside work (going to movie sets, painting, learning mandarin, writing, etc). This resulted in less monthly viewers, but more personal satisfaction. I don’t earn a cent from this site (in fact, the domain name costs me about 25 dollars a year) and I never did this for the views. However, I’m still proud that on average 1k people come to my blog to look up an article. Nowadays 1 article is viewed every day, resulting in about 30 to 70 views per month.

This post, number 54, isn’t on here because I can’t take screenshots of posts that are being written (I could change it afterwards, but that feels a bit like cheating)

In the old days of the blog, it was mainly my Silverlight,WPF and Windows Phone 7 posts that attracted a lot of (mostly foreign) visitors. However, since 2016 there’s been two articles that ever since have been the most visited:

Interesting is also the renewed interest in the VSTO post when the corona virus started locking down countries everywhere.

And so, to celebrate my blog becoming a teenager, I’ve modernized the blog a little bit and included an “archives” page on top where you can view all posts ever written, in chronological order. I also, finally, categorized and tagged all my posts, making it easier to browse to all my different interests.

Here’s to another decade of posts!


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