A powerpoint .pptx to Latex .tex convertor tool

A colleague of mine is making some very nice Latex-based presentations, including a dynamically generated section-overview on each slide. Since all my current slidedecks are made in Powerpoint I started working on a small tool that converts .pptx to .tex latex files. (make note: this tool won’t work with oldschool .ppt files!)

The tool is far from done. But the basic functionality is there. Currently the tool converts a .pptx file to a  .tex and keeps the following slide information:

  • All titles
  • All text/bulletitems
    • Including identation
  • All section headers
  • Option to include hidden slides
  • All images
    • Each image is extracted and save as a separate file

I’m using the Open XML SDK 2.0 which allows more easy parsing of .pptx using C#. More info on how the tool was made might show up here some day.
Other features that I’d like to include is the ability to export the notes (shouldn’t be a problem) and some simple text formatting information (bit harder).

You can download the sourcecode on github: https://github.com/timdams/Pptx2Tex


About timdams
C#, .NET, Microsoft, security, .... Read more on : https://timdams.com/

4 Responses to A powerpoint .pptx to Latex .tex convertor tool

  1. Maarten Weyn says:


  2. how do I get a copy of this tool please? I require it quite often.

    • timdams says:

      For now you’ll have to download the githubcode and build it yourself. I’ll try to put up a compiled version later on,but cant promise how soon. Thx for the interest!

  3. SANISA says:

    How do i start with this? I have no clue,plz help me with step by step approach. also plz let me know about the installations needed. I have PCTEX installed in my laptop.

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