A powerpoint .pptx to Latex .tex convertor tool

A colleague of mine is making some very nice Latex-based presentations, including a dynamically generated section-overview on each slide. Since all my current slide decks are made in Powerpoint I started working on a small tool that converts .pptx to .tex latex files. (make note: this tool won’t work with old-school .ppt files!)

The tool is far from done. But the basic functionality is there. Currently, the tool converts a .pptx file to a  .tex and keeps the following slide information:

  • All titles
  • All text/bulletitems
    • Including indentation
  • All section headers
  • Option to include hidden slides
  • All images
    • Each image is extracted and save as a separate file

I’m using the Open XML SDK 2.0 which allows more easy parsing of .pptx using C#. More info on how the tool was made might show up here someday.
Other features that I’d like to include is the ability to export the notes (shouldn’t be a problem) and some simple text formatting information (a bit harder).

You can download the source code on Github: https://github.com/timdams/Pptx2Tex

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8 gedachten over “A powerpoint .pptx to Latex .tex convertor tool

  1. how do I get a copy of this tool please? I require it quite often.


    1. For now you’ll have to download the githubcode and build it yourself. I’ll try to put up a compiled version later on,but cant promise how soon. Thx for the interest!


  2. How do i start with this? I have no clue,plz help me with step by step approach. also plz let me know about the installations needed. I have PCTEX installed in my laptop.


  3. ANIL BIKAS Chaudhuri januari 9, 2019 — 09:04

    But I do not know how to make use of the pptx2tex converter.


    1. You will need to compile the code to an actual executable. If you really need this, let me know and I’ll put up an exe.


      1. could you provide an exe please ?


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