Painted two Abyssal Warbands minis

A colleague had an upcoming tournament and was short on time to get his Abyssal miniatures (Mantic Games) finished on time. I helped out by contrast painting his Warlock and a (modified) Flamebearer. Both were interesting challenges:

  • The Flamebearer carries fire (obviously) and sits on top of it. I tried my newfound drybrushing skills to give an orange glow underneath his cape and legs.
  • The warlock was a total different challenge. For reasons still unclear, my (contrast) paints wouldn’t quite fix on to the primer (wraithbone spray). Almost everywhere I started the paint immediately crept together resulting in many retries before it finally stuck. In hindsight I should’ve reprimed the moment I saw what was happening. That would’ve made this (fun) job a lot easier an quicker. I’m afraid the paint will flake off soon, so varnish will be added before I return them.
Burn baby burn!
Really love this mini. So much nice details. PS Notice the nose-ring 😉

1 thought on “Painted two Abyssal Warbands minis

  1. patsyprovotelenetbe February 14, 2020 — 18:38

    Knap werk!


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