Contrast painted all Gloomhaven heroes [SPOILERS]

We’ve done it. All the Gloomhaven heroes, including the locked ones, have been painted. I already showed some earlier results, but now I can proudly present them all!

Did I already mention that I’m a big fan of the Citadel contrast paints? I think I can prove here that they really can be used by anyone who has never painted before.

Only read/look on if you don’t mind discovering alle the heroes the game will throw at you once you start unlocking new ones! [SPOILERS AHEAD]


All painted heroes together!

Starting classes

The biggest mini of them all. I’ve tried to blend some colors to get a more rusty look for the shield, which worked out quite well.

A small bugger with lots of details…This one wasn’t done in one evening.

My first try in creating gradients (for the fire and ice hands) I kept the paints wet and then painted the colors to each other. My first drybrush try also happened here: notice the orange tinge on the ground.

The one I like the most because of the accurate painting and the matching colors.

My hero 🙂 The contrast paints really payed off here: the rocky skin basically painted itself

I’m not fond of the red shirt and pink tail, but it will do. Not my most favorite result.


Unlockable classes

The last warning: stop here I’ve you still plan on keeping the boxes a secret 😉

A fun one: not too small details, but just enough neat little things to discover.
As mentioned in an earlier post, not my best result. On the other hand, from far away (i.e. when playing with him in the game) he does look rather badass.
Ugh, these Aesthers with their transparent bodies… I went for a black/purple body and used some white base paint to sprinkle a star field on his cape at the back. The final result is Ok, I guess, especially if we compare this with the Nightshroud coming up next.
Aesthers… ugh. This one has at least two new base coats on him before I gave up. I tried several approaches but in the end went with a blend of black& purple EVERYWHERE, and then applied a green/blue drybrush on his face.
Oooh, this one was soooo much fun to do. This one was very easy to paint. I just went all out on the greens and made sure the paint stayed wet while I applied diffirent green tones were needed. Afterwards I white coated the details (belt and face mask) and went for a brown/green tones . Yup,this one certainly is part of my top 3 results.
A badass berserker. I tried to paint some warpaint on her face. Even though I didn’t paint it perfectly symmetrical, I’m glad how it turned out (too symmetrical might’ve been even a bit strange anyhow).
I already talked about this tiny, colorful fella in my previous post. As promised back then, I went with another color for the harness, this one being a tad darker, to contrast more with the vibrant feathers and paints.
I’m still in dubio about this one. I like the details and the colors, but somehow I don’t like the overal ‘vibe’ . Perhaps he’s a bit too colorful and should’ve been more darker toned?
Another top 3 result. I did this one last and tried several color combinations. I just didn’t know how to make sure he looks like a “battlefield surgeon”. I really wanted to keep the coat/fur white, but his clother didn’t match. I then decided to go for ‘worn out’ colors for his clothes and then simply applied blood, sooo much blood everywhere. It’s not visible on the pictures that well, but his front is filled with tiny little specks of blood that , in my opinion, look very realistically. I applied those blood spatters by filling up a brush with Flesh Tearers Red, pulled back the brushhairs with a finger and then released it, splattering reds everywhere…including the table I forgot to cover up behind it. Whoops
Already described in my previous post. I’m still quite fond of him (especially because of the way his rocky pedestal blends into the base) however he could use a tad more contrasting colors in his clothes.
Two boxes that work together. I painted both in sequence in order for them to have at least a similar color palette. The face-plate of the bear got several colors, none of them really convincing. In the end I slapped on several reds together and left it at that. Can’t win them all 😉

And that’s that. We still play the game every two to four weeks and I’m really happy how we are now able to better distinguish our heroes when playing. I’ve now started on Conan, but since these mostly contains “armies” of monsters, I’m going for a faster, less meticulous approach than that I did for these Gloomhaven heroes. Each hero was really a personal work of art and I’ve put quite some time in them. On average each hero took about two evenings of painting 1 to two hours, without the basing that only took an extra 15 minutes.

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  1. I have played Gloomhavem a few times. I love the game. I can’t wait to play it again


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