Painted Wizards of Morcar – Heroquest Expansion

I’ve found my new hobby, and it’s painting minis. Recently I finished my full HeroQuest set (except for the Gargoyle that is getting some new wings) and I then started painting the Wizards of Morcar expansion. This expansion consists of 4 awesome wizards and 10 soldiers. The weapons of the soldiers are interchangeable so I had to paint each tiny weapon by itself and pray that it would fit in nicely with the figurines.. and it did! 🙂 Very happy with the result!

I really like how the vibrant colors came out. They really fit into the overal HQ set where most monsters wear flashy, cartoonlike clothes (compared to my Gloomhaven set that has more earthy tones)


I used different skin tones for the soldiers (but I now discovered that I also should’ve gone for more dark/brown tones as well…fixing this in my next project 😉 )


What’s next?

I’ve finished all the Gloomhaven minis , including some very trippy ones, which I’ll definitely show here once I’ve gathered them all for a photoshoot. In that set I’ve started to dry-brush from time to time and overal I’m discovering a more and more steady hand (and thus less having to repair mistakes which actually is the task that takes the most time)

For my next ‘staying mindful by painting’-project I’ve started the humongous task of painting my full Conan the boardgame which I kickstarted and contains over a hundred minis (including several expansions). Here’s a sneak preview.

So many, soooo many 🙂


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