Strokes: C# achievements

As a vivid gamer I always seek ways of using games for the ‘great good’ because I think nowadays many game mechanics can be supplanted in other aspects of life.

I’ve written several posts on these topics and what my vision on the whole ‘learning using game mechanics’ is. Specifically I am looking how achievements can be used to teach 19 year olds the ways of programming using the ‘language of games’ they understand.


More information on why I think achievement-based learning can enhance a computer class: “World of C#-craft”: an achievement-based classroom?


I’m participating in the Strokes project (more info) were we are building a Visual Studio 2010 extension that enables users to earn achievements while coding in C#.

I explain the project in the following post when we the project was still in its very early pre-pre-pre alpha stage (august 2011): Strokes: achievements while programming!

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