My Windows Phone Apps

I currently have several application published on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. If you have any comments on existing apps or ideas for new (or existing) apps, le me know. I’d love to hear your ideas.Make sure to rate my apps if you (dis)like them. They’re all free so what’s not to like.

belgian cinema

Planning a trip to the movies in Belgium? This app , using the information, shows all the movies playing this week in the theater of your choice. Clicking a movieposter will show you additional details of that specific movie.

download here

popcorn remote

With Popcorn Remote you can easily control your popcorn A-200/210 or C-200 from your phone. All that is needed is a connection to your popcorn box with c200remote installed on it and you are good to go. The current version implements the full popcorn remote control.

download here

zoo d’anvers activité

If you plan on going to the Zoo of Antwerp (you should!) than use this app to quickly see what events are scheduled today or any other time. See when what animals are being fed, when the sealions are doing their show or any other special activity. Information is shown in French or Dutch, according to your needs.

download here

my mobile vikings

Are you a mobile vikings using? This app will quickly show you how much data, sms’s and credits you have left. Everything is shown on one screen to quickly evaluate your information.

download here

9 gedachten over “My Windows Phone Apps

  1. Jammer bij die cinema app als je doorklikt naar de site voor meer filminfo, dat je dan niet op een mobiele versie vd site terechtkomt 😦


    1. Hi Nans,
      Unfortunately there isn’t a mobile version of (the is a jsp thingy that’ doesn’t work that well IMO); so for know we’re stuck to the non-mobile site…


      1. It would be super to read the movie short on the app instead of being redirected to the cinebel page, is that going to change?




    2. Probleem opgelost . thx for the feedback!


  2. Jammer bij die cinema app als je doorklikt naar de site voor meer filminfo, dat je dan niet op een mobiele versie vd site terechtkomt


  3. Hey Tim, ik kan de Belgian Cinema app niet meer terugvinden in de Microsoft App Store met Windows 10. Heb je een link naar de app om te downloaden?


    1. Helaas is de app uit de store verwijderd vanwege een probleem met het rechtmatig gebruik van de data:(


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