My setup

These are the tools I use when streaming. All of them are free, or have a free price plan.


Obs Project (source)

The place where I “direct” my classes (read here how).

Other alternatives worth checking out:

NDI 4 Tools (source)

My main workhorse behind the scenes (read here how):

  • Virtual Input is used to create a virtual camera (as explained here)
  • Virtual Audio does the same but with audio
  • Studio Monitor is used if my streaming application doesn’t allow a virtual NDI input (for example smartschool my wife has to use to teach online): we send our obs-content to the Studio Monitor and then “share desktop” with the monitor in full screen, resulting in the same possibilities I have when using obs+virtual input.

Xsplit Vcam (source)

I use this to remove the background behind me without a greenscreen on my camera and then consume that stream in obs. This one is only useful if you buy the full version otherwise you’ll have stupid watermarks all over (tip I found a 50% deal on

Microphone & Speaker tools

Audio Switcher (source & source 2)

This tool allows you to more easily switch between your audio devices (speakers AND microphones) because the UI clearly shows what device is what using clean icons.

Other worth mentioning:

Pretzel Rocks (source)

A sweet little tool that allow you to have copyfree music in your streams. Usefull for example to have playing while you have a ‘waiting’ screen being streamed.

Voice Mod (source)

A realtime voice changer. Funny if you’re doing more silly teaching streams 😉

Krisp.AI (source)

This one was a lifechanger in our “open environment” house where kids run around playing and as long as they are in the house…we hear them. This tool will remove all those background noises without a fuzz. Really love it. Check out my “review” here.

Other usefull tools and links

Free audio & music libraries

Video tools

Windows 10 PowerTools (source)

Two (at the moment) very useful tools while teaching/streaming:

  • Shortcut guide: visualises all existing shortcuts in windows. I use this to rapidly place shortcuts in my Elgato Stream Deck
  • Fancy Zones: “FancyZones is a window manager that’s designed to make it easy to arrange and snap windows into efficient layouts for your workflow, and also to restore these layouts quickly.” This is extremely useful to rapidly place all my program in the correct manner before I start a stream

Be sure to check out the other tools! There’s some really nifty ones!

A big guide (source)

Not a tool but a very exhaustive overview of the platforms, tools and manners one can start streaming online. It might overwhelm you so be warned. For now, I stick to my obs+ndi+twitch/teams setup. Tough is something that’s been on my radar for quiet some time.

Hardware setup

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