Microsoft Teams chat in Streamlabs

I recently switched to Streamlabs OBS after two very fun years of using OBS. Now that Streamlabs also has a Virtual Camera options (albeit in beta) it is my preferred choice to use for my online classes. These classes are managed through Microsoft Teams to which I simply connect my Virtual Camera and mic (using Voicemeeter).

Streamlabs really shines if you can integrate your twitch or youtube chat in it so you can create alerts and automatic reactions to it. Unfortunately, this tutorial will NOT result in your Teams chat having that functionality. I will merely show how you can at least VISUALIZE the Teams chat in your Streamlab stream. Sorry to dissapoint you.

Let’s get to it.

The secret to it all is the Brwoser source, which we will add to our scene (I usually put things I reuse in multiple scenes in a scene on itself)

In the Browser Source settings, make sure to chance the default width and heigth to 1000×1000 because this will be the size of your browser Teams will detect. The default size results in a bit to compact chat screen in my opinion. Also make sure to disable “Shutdown source when not visible”, otherwise you will always need to reconfigure everything! Click Ok

In my example, I am already logged in.

Depending on how you use teams, you probably will now need to login. To do that, rightclick your newly created source and choose for interact.

Presto: you can now actually do things. From here on do the following

  • Login with you Teams account
  • (choose “Use the web app instead” if asked)
  • Go to the meeting from which you need the chat. (it already needs to run) and click Join

You will now get a warning, stating that no audio or video is detected, which is normal. Click the Continue without audio or video button and then join:

Hover with you mouse (still in the interact mode) over middle part of the chat until you see the floating bar that includes the chat-tab. Click the chat tab!

We are almost there!

Close the Interact window.

All that rest is now for you to resize the browser source to only show the rightside chat pannel. Do this by keeping the alt-button pressed while resizing the left handle of the souce.

This chat window will now show all the most recently chatmessages and you can integrate this source or scene in your other scenes! Sweet huh.


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