Christmas hats for my HeroQuest heroes

Hohoho! This week I wanted to host a “HeroQuest Christmas-special”. Ever since corona arrived on earth, I’ve been playing lengthy, self-made missions with the kids and two of their friends. Our rules have evolved to a blend of HeroQuest and Dungeo& Dragons, and we don’t fight in the same dungeons over and over, but now visit far away countries with pirates, pits of lava, etc.

For the Christmas-special, I really wanted the miniatures of the heroes to wear christmas hats. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a real christmas now, would it? After some searching around I found the perfect solution on this youtube-channel. I only had white (Fimo) baking clay (from the kids), but I luckily now know how to paint 😉

In a matter of hours, I created 6 cute Christmas hats that can easily be taken on and off using the “print chewing gum” as we call it (i.e. the stuff to hang poster on the wall without using destructive tape). And so, lo and behold, we got Christmas-themed HeroQuest!


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