Bad Bones minis painted

During the corona lockdown we borrowed Bad Bones, a fun game in which you have to defend your village from a continuous stream of skeletons. The kids especially liked the cooperative implementation of the rules.

Obviously I felt like painting the six funny heroes. I asked the family, from whom we borrowed the game, what each family members wanted their hero to look like. I used their input to create the 6 color schemes and choose to use 6 different skin tones (using my loyal Citadel contrast paints), but I still haven’t found a less dark skin color than the current one.

Anyhow, here they are. Had lots of fun painting these because of their exaggerated bodies and unusual color combinations. I’d love to see a movie in which our awesome hero is really wearing a pink/purple tunic while bashing skulls with his huge sword.

Without flash…
With flash…

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