On (creative) writing: books, tools and other usefull stuff

I tend to dabble in writing fiction. Even though I have never published anything (yet), here’s a list of books, tools and other invaluable things I discovered throughout my years of writing.  It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but more a “things I like”-overview.

Who knows, someone of you gets inspired by it.



There’s an impressive amount of books “on writing”, so here are the ones that you definitely should read, ignore the rest for now and simply start writing. Consider this my personal top 10, with number 1 on top:

For Dutch-reading people, I’d like to add one more to this list: Schrijfwijzer

Need more? Check out this curated Goodreads list by yours truly.

The books that accompany me while writing


You don’t need a lot to write. Honestly, pen and paper or notepad suffice. However, for larger projects I keep returning to these three “tools”:

  • Scrivener: A great organizer and ‘visualizer’ of your story and project. Buy this during NaNoWriMo at a discount here.
  • Novlr.org: I’ve been using this one ever since it was launched (in fact, I’m a lifetime member) and it’s my main writing environment during drafting.
  • Aeon Timeline: An invaluable tool to keep track of all your timelines. During nanowrimo, they usually also offer a nice discount.
  • Some tools I didn’t check out yet but look interesting:
Printed Aeon timelines of an older draft of “the one book that never gets finished”

Online classes

  • Masterclass.com: Ok, to be fair, this one is expensive and with 200 dollars a year you could buy my whole top 10 of creative books and learn way more. However, it’s the only way to learn from the master, Neil Gaiman, himself. So yeah, I like it.
  • Couch to 80k Bootcamp: Need a more cheap approach? (can’t blame ya) Then you should definitely Tim Clare’s FREE boot camp. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was both inspiring and insightful. (oh, it’s also embedded inside novlr.org, which is a nice extra)

3 gedachten over “On (creative) writing: books, tools and other usefull stuff

  1. Die van Stephen King heb ik net uit. Ik vind ‘m goed.

    Bedankt voor de andere tips!


    1. Zeker Wonderbook lezen. Dat boek is…wonderlijk 😀 (paperversie kopen, niet digitaal)

      Geliked door 1 persoon

      1. Ik koop alleen maar paperversies. 🙂


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