Learning to cook with WP 7.5 data (a book review)

Recently I received a review copy of the “Windows Phone 7.5 Data Cookbook” by Ramesh Thalli from Packt Publishing (ISBN 978-1-84969-122-2). This book, divided in 8 chapters, shows how simple it is to write data-driven programs WP7 applications.

What follows is an extensive review of this book.
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Creating a WP7 app: Caching urls problem

After two weeks of programming I can finally state that my first Windows Phone 7 application is 100% functional and ready. Now it only needs to go through the marketplace certification tests and then I’ll be the proud owner of an official WP7 app.The following days I will put up short blogs describing some of the things I’ve learned while making this app; small tips, links to interesting guides, etc. I will not describe the app itself in these posts (scheduled once the app is published) and try to formulate my problems and solutions as generic as possible. Consider these posts a gathering of my recent acquired new WP7 development knowledge.

This first post will explain the problem with WP7 devices caching urls you are trying to reach.

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