Brucon: How a security conference appears to an “outsider” and the myths of security

Yesterday I attended a Belgian Security conference called “BruCON”, subtitled “Hacking for B33R”. I’ve always had a large interested in the world of it-security but never really played a part in it. However, I always wanted to see how a real security conference would be like. Having seen pictures from DefCon and the likes I was more than curious as to what really happens on these kind of conferences. In a previous life I attended several conferences on imaging, video, and the likes, but never one solely devoted to the ‘Art of Security’. In this post I’ll try to describe what a sec conference feels like to a ‘semi-outsider’ like me. Before reading on: if I exaggerate certain things, this is just to make my point.

Oh and I definitely don’t want to insult anyone, if I do somehow, please excuse me and allow me to rectify this (don’t start hacking me please J )! I have the greatest respect for the security community…even if they tried to MitM attack me yesterday while I tried to use my Exchange on the conference (or perhaps they even succeeded and now can read all my mail …scary thought J ). Read more of this post