On (creative) writing: books, tools and other usefull stuff

I tend to dabble in writing fiction. Even though I have never published anything (yet), here’s a list of books, tools and other invaluable things I discovered throughout my years of writing.  It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but more a “things I like”-overview.

Who knows, someone of you gets inspired by it.



There’s an impressive amount of books “on writing” , so here’s the ones that you definitely should read, ignore the rest for now and simply start writing.Consider this my personal top 10, with number 1 on top:

For Dutch-reading people, I’d like to add one more to this list: Schrijfwijzer

Need more? Check out this curated goodreads list by yours truly.

The books that accompany me while writing


You don’t need a lot to write. Honestly, pen and paper or notepad suffice. However, for larger project I keep returning to these three “tools”:

  • Scrivener: A great organizer and ‘visualizer’ of your story and project. Buy this during nanowrimo at a discount here.
  • Novlr.org: I’ve been using this one ever since it was launched (in fact, I’m a lifetime member) and it’s my main writing environment during drafting.
  • Aeon Timeline: An invaluable tool to keep track of all your timelines. During nanowrimo they usually also offer a nice discount.
Printed Aeon timelines of an older draft of “the one book that never gets finished”

Online classes

  • Masterclass.com: Ok, to be fair, this one is expensive and with 200 dollars a year you could buy my whole top 10 of creative books and learn way more. However, it’s the only way to learn from the master, Neil Gaiman, himself. So yeah, I like it.
  • Couch to 80k bootcamp: Need a more cheap approach? (can’t blame ya) Then you should definitely Tim Clare’s FREE bootcamp. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was both inspiring and insightful. (oh, it’s also embedded inside novlr.org, which is a nice extra)

3 thoughts on “On (creative) writing: books, tools and other usefull stuff

  1. Die van Stephen King heb ik net uit. Ik vind ‘m goed.

    Bedankt voor de andere tips!

    1. Zeker Wonderbook lezen. Dat boek is…wonderlijk 😀 (paperversie kopen, niet digitaal)

      1. Ik koop alleen maar paperversies. 🙂

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